You have reached our Healing America video feed.  On this page, you can watch short videos documenting our grassroots movement, focused on healing people through a plant-based diet, but also demonstrating a strategy for healing entire communities.  We encourage you to share these with your family and friends via social media or email.  Thank you so much for your interest!  

Featured Videos

The Healing America Campaign: Chapter One

Community Action Model

Healing America

Durham, NC - The Full Presentation



General Assembly - SOMOS Community Care

Reflections From A Farmer

Healing America - Dr. T. Colin Campbell

A Jumpstart in Louisiana (Michael)

Southeast Louisiana

Tour Highlights

St. Louis, MO

Tracy Childs (Pod)

Long Island, NY

Atlanta, GA

Join the Movement

Climate and Nutrition

Louisiana Project Summary

Jumpstart Participant (Gary)

Ecosystem of the Swamp

Durham, NC

Dr. Michael Klaper

San Diego, CA

Dr. Campbell - Healing America Tour

Tampa Bay, FL

OpenTribe Project

Healing America - The Movement

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